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Cost Effective Exhibit Services for Directories and Reference Material

Increase Your Sales to Libraries

  • Target reference librarians who deal directly with library users and play a major role in deciding which reference titles librarians purchase.
  • Face-out display encourages browsing and hands-on inspection.
  • Unique exhibit highlights directories and reference materials.
  • Librarians know The Reference Shelf and are attracted by its focus, face-out presentation, and one-stop coverage of titles from multiple publishers.

Tailor a Custom Schedule

  • Build a schedule that reflects YOUR needs and interests. Using our Conference Schedule, maximize your exposure by selecting a combination of national conferences and specialist and regional meetings. 

Save Money

  • No air fares, food & accommodation expenses, booth fees or salaries.
  • Discounts may apply for publishers who commit multiple titles for multiple Conferences.

Pricing Information

Journal & Magazine Display   CD/DVD Display
Up to 85 pages $85.00   Single CD/DVD $65.00
Book Display:   Multi-Book Display Packages:
Up to 300 pages $85.00   3 Titles up to 300 pages $255.00
Up to 500 pages $100.00   (Receives free 15ea - 1 page brochure distribution)
Up to 1,000 pages $105.00   5 Titles up to 300 pages $425.00
Up to 1,500 pages $110.00   (Receives free 20ea - 1 page brochure distribution)
      10 Titles up to 300 pages $500.00
      (Receives free 25ea - 1 page brochure distribution)
      *Books over 300 pages will be priced based on No. of pages*
Brochure Distribution:   Multi-Page Brochure/Magazine/Journal Distribution:
20   Copies  – 1 Page brochure  $15.00   20   Copies  –  Up to 85 pages $20.00
50   Copies  – 1 Page brochure $32.50   50   Copies  –  Up to 85 pages $47.50
100 Copies  – 1 Page brochure $50.00   100 Copies  –  Up to 85 pages $90.00
200 Copies  – 1 Page brochure $90.00   200 Copies  –  Up to 85 pages $170.00
      *Distribution materials over 85 pages, please call for quote*
*Ask about our 5% -15% discounts available for reserving space at 5+ conferences on an annual invoice*
Additional Marketing Opportunities:        
Place an 8.5x11 full color ad in a conference show booklet $25.00    
Place an 8.5x11 full color ad in 20+ conference show booklets $400.00    


Payment is required before the date of the conference. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and checks. Credit card payments might be subject to a convenience fee. The Reference Shelf pre-pays for conferences, set-up fees, shipping, travel, hotel and all other expenses associated with attending conferences. Sending payment for the conference with your materials is the best way to avoid the $20.00 per title late fee. 

Refunds and Cancellations

Cancellations must be received in writing 10 days before the start date of the conference booked. Due to our shipping schedules to the various conferences no refunds will be made after this date.

Act Now
Email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call (603-229-0662) today to reserve your spot at our next conference!  Don’t miss another opportunity to promote your publications and be seen!